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Gloved hand doing electrical work on a clean energy home


There is a growing number of great organizations providing information and guidance on home electrification, energy efficiency, and how to take advantage of the many incentives of transitioning to clean energy.  IGC's Climate Concierge program will go beyond providing information and step-by-step instructions.  We will work with you to provide custom project management to remove dirty fossil fuels from your home so you can take full advantage of clean energy technology and a lower utility bill.


Climate Concierges will do the work of removing harmful greenhouse gas emissions from your home, relieving you of the burden.  This may include contracting with roofers, electricians, and solar installers, enlisting the support of philanthropists and accountants, and coordinating with landlords, property management companies, and homeowners associations. This complete project management service will include, and extend well beyond, navigating the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) incentives to address the currently unmet need for comprehensive on-the-ground project implementation.

The Climate Concierge service will be available to all San Diegans on a sliding fee scale.  This structure will maximize the pace of home electrification locally, ensure the program’s long-term financial viability, and allow IGC to boost climate resilience, well-being, and wealth within historically marginalized communities. The fees collected, combined with public support and donations, will fund program operations and enable the provision of services free-of-charge to qualifying residents. 


We are currently pursuing partnerships and funding to launch the Climate Concierge program.  Updates will be posted here.

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