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Dr. Erlinde Cornelis

Dr. Erlinde Cornelis is Associate Professor at San Diego State University's (SDSU) Fowler College of Business and was one of IGC's first members of the Board of Directors. When her term on the Board ended, she stayed engaged with IGC as a member of the Advisory Board.

Dr. Cornelis's personal and professional life actively encompass sustainability so being a part of IGC seamlessly fit into her personal and professional mission of combating climate change and advancing sustainability. She has advocated for social justice for a decade and joining IGC's board only reinforced her commitment.

As part of the organization from the very beginning, Dr. Cornelis, alongside other members of the board, was a catalyst for the growth and development of this meaningful organization. She strongly resonates with IGC's meaningful mission, goals, and vision which first sparked her interest in becoming a part of the organization. Through her role helping to govern this non-profit organization, she was able to get a behind the scenes perspective on how to set up a non-profit and gain many other insights.

As a Professor at SDSU, Dr. Cornelis plays a vital role in creating meaningful systematic change through her teaching of sustainability to students whose initial mindset tends to not be the climate. She brings a new perspective to students who may otherwise disregard these issues and through doing so, is able to continuously broaden the mindset of future business leaders. Dr. Cornelis has been a part of several research projects that mainly focus on advertising and entrepreneurship. She is also the recipient of various awards and grants.

Dr. Cornelis is now serves in an advisory capacity to IGC in which she provides advice to the Board and the Executive Director as she continues to combat climate change!



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