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Climate Workshop
Climate Fresk.  All the cards are in your hands!


"Fresk" is short for fresco, which is an artistic technique used to create great murals. The Climate Fresk is a learning workshop where participants arrange cards to create their own unique climate mural.  The workshop is authored by engineer and professor, Cédric Ringenbach, and led by a community of "Freskers".  The format is interactive and engages participants with data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. It raises awareness about climate change in a playful and collaborative way.  Learn more at


In the face of this emergency, everyone must be able to understand climate change, make sense of the information, form an opinion, accept the necessary changes for the preservation of life on the planet and act quickly!

I arrived, shall I say, “a little curious” and left educated and inspired. The game, of course, offers great structure for the exercise, but your leadership in the discussions was very accretive to the experience. I’m glad I was “mandated” the attendance.

Gary, Managing Director for a Global Bank


In a 3-hour workshop, participants gather around a table in teams of 4 to 7 people. They work with cards representing different components of climate change and put them in order highlighting links between cause and effect. A Fresker supervises one or more teams and guides them using a collective intelligence approach. The Fresker then facilitates an exchange to debrief and explore individual and collective solutions and commit to taking action.


The Fresk is suitable for all audiences and all levels of understanding. It addresses both novices and the more aware who wish to deepen their knowledge on climate issues.

To ensure quality climate education is accessible to all, we offer community workshops at low, or no, cost.  All are welcome to our community workshops. However, if your participation is work-related, we ask that you contact us for a dedicated workshop.  



Free Community Workshop

Sat. June 29th, 10 am - 1 pm

San Carlos Library, Winer Family Community Room & Art Gallery


Free Community Workshop

Sat. July 13th, 10 am - 1 pm

 Carmel Valley Branch Library, Community Room


Free Community Workshop

offered in Partnership with the City of Chula Vista Office of Sustainability

Sat. August 3rd,

10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library


We offer tailor-made workshops, adapted to your group: employees, students, public and private sector decision-makers. The Fresk also exists in the form of a Junior Fresk for 10-14 year olds. 


If you'd like to bring an IGC-facilitated Climate Fresk to your organization, please submit a request here or contact us at  Alternatively, you may submit a request via the Climate Fresk Association. This is an excellent option for virtual workshops and in-person workshops outside of the San Diego area. 

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